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Themes & Inspiration

for a dream wedding

Fall in love in your individual wedding venue. All the dream venues in our portfolio offer a wide range of theme and motto creations, depending on the destination, style and geographical conditions. Whether it's a modern luxury villa in Mallorca, a country-side estate in Chianti or an opulent palazzo in Venice - you decide and we'll support you with ideas and suggestions.


Your Love Story - Your film

In cooperation with the Italian artist and filmmaker, Emanuela Di Vito, we make your own love story film. In the style of the traditional 

neorealism we script and convert your personal love story into a movie. We bring you back to all of your memories, from the first date, 

through the time you spent together, until your wedding day. To the core story we give a touch of creativity and so we create a personal piece of art - for you.

Send us your love story by eMail to or use the contact form!

We make your love story

Themed weddings 

You will selects the leading theme among famous cinema classics. The entire wedding will be implemented according this theme: Location, decoration, music, menu, athmosphere to the dress code.


The best masterpieces of cinema are not fictions. They represent the real life - born of the most interesting stories and experiences of real people. We as audience identify with these characters as they reflect the collective imagination. We feel as a part of a story, that is our story. We ourselves are these characters.

The wedding film is a real film production, turned into a movie with Super 35mm quality. Length and type of film may vary:


  • 5 minutes (video clip)

  • 15 minutes (full-day report with moments of fiction )

  • 30 minutes (short film with real script and programmed fiction as the own love story)


The films shown here are not relevant to the subject in the text.

Life is Beautiful ( Green Wedding)


For bike lovers in a rural area (rural tourism) on bike 

  • Experience your wedding as a "Bike Tour": Professional biker lead you to unforgettable routes in the most beautiful places in Italy

  • Our film crew follows you and your guests to record your great experience on a video report and photo series for the eternety

  • Following by wine tasting and accommodation in a Masseria

The Godfahter (Der Pate)


Traditional Italian Wedding in Sicily

  • On your wedding day we will visit the most magnificent places in Sicily

  • The Italian dream in Sicily can take place at a wedding ceremony on the beach or in one of the most impressive Sicilian churches

  • The bride arrives with a traditional "Carretto" with horses in front

  • After the ceremony, you can go to your party location with the Carretto or by Vespa with sidecar

  • Our film crew follows every step and uses a typical retro photography style

  • Tailor-made costume design in the Siculo style is also part of the program

  • The wedding party can be celebrated in a luxury seaside villa or on a traditional rural estate

The Great Gatsby


Musical style wedding on the Amalfi Coast

  • To immerse in the 30s is aready a highlight to make your wedding special

  • You will experience the young Gatsby´s world in his search of perfection

  • We will help you to create the most interesting and bizarre situations

  • For the reception all the guests move into a villa with dramatic views of the Amalfi Coast

  • From here everybody get into the yacht and off to the castle of the bride, where the ceremony and later the jazz style party take place

  • At dawn, when all guests have already given their tribute to the newlyweds, bride and groom leave with the famous Rolls Royce of Jay Gatsby 

  • Everything will be immortalize in the movie. Lets go ... the party is awaiting you

Roman Holiday  (Roman Holiday)


  • Vespa tours of Rome

  • The noblest experience awaits you in this understatement plan from the begining to the end

  • Here is a full package : the script of the Love Story and 30 minutes movie with several external Shootings

  • A whole week in one of the ancient villas in Rome

  • Spa, Hammam and treatments for the bride - rum and cigar for the groom and his friends

  • For the bachelor party and wedding Tailor-made clothing and jewelry

  • Babysitting for children, Airport Shuttle to the hotel for guests, vehicle for parents and witnesses, church ceremony in St. Peter's Basilica (Vatican), Vespa tour for " Audrey ", " George " and the groomsmen

  • Church wedding on Sunday morning with throwing rice, ribbon cutting and then rich lunch, guest gifts and a surprise for the night


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