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3 Hot Wedding Trends in 2017

Just the beginning of the New Year, but we have already explored the most exciting trends for your wedding in 2017.

And YES, still new under the sun. We have found beautiful clothes, venues and decorations according to different mottos. 3 Key words, which have particularly impressed us - Vintage, Rustic and Opulence - three prominent styles as hot as never before!

The vintage style was already "in" last year but the trend will be quite strong this year. No wonder. Vintage - the precious wines, charming sport cars, treasures of grandma's jewelry box from the last century and the idea of ​​perfect love. Even the words give the feeling of a large portion of romance. And of course, we want romance at our wedding. The vintage formula is so simple. Dream away and find your romantic wedding location, a magical lace dress and lots of hydrangea in pink, white, blue and green.

Rustic is the new chic! Imagine a cozy country house on a large estate with old trees, large meadows, a swimming pool and a beautiful view of the endless landscape, for example in Tuscany or in the heart of Istria. Nothing is against a wedding celebration with great mood until the night. Not silent, in the country there is always wonderful food, healthy and delicious. If the property is big enough, the whole wedding party is placed right on the spot. Cozy, good food, good air and very much nature.

If the wedding of your dreams is full of glitter and glamour, then the opulence trend fits into the picture. Girls, now you can wear the grande dresses, lace, silk, transparency, crystal and diamonds. Stunning creations await you in the new year! It will be difficult to find the perfect dress, because you just do not want to stop fittings. Less is more, also here. You need a stron venue, decoration and extravagant ideas. How about a Great Gatsby Party? Large villa, maybe on the Amalfi Coast, yacht transfer, finest Italian cuisine and grandious music.

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